Roles and structure of a software development team

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I bet you remember your first full solo software project. You thought that this is how web apps are built and managed — by a single developer!

But then you did another project and this time it was a bigger project so you needed to work with other developers. You successfully built it and thought “OK this must really be how software is actually made for big projects.”

Except that now when you go out to the real workforce you find that companies are not just hiring developers but they have other roles as well, which makes you wonder, what…

Causes and practical solutions to be more hirable

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Have you been struggling for a while now to land an entry-level job? You have been sending countless applications for months and you are getting low responses or even rejections during the interviews.

Sometimes you send emails requesting them why they have rejected you but rarely do you get an answer from them and you start to feel lost and nobody cares about your skills or what you can offer.

You doubt it might be your technical skills because you haven’t taken this new edgy course about this new library that nobody actually uses or needs. You think they only…

Including How to Find your First IT Job

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A new brand day! You open the news to see an “ordinary” title for a new tech company that went viral and made billions plus they are now hiring software engineers by the hundreds!

Good pay, remote work, sustainable career, diversity is at every corner, countless job opportunities and you start to wonder how to become one.

In addition, Tech companies’ stocks are always rising and have a steady cash flow and that is because they are serving the global mass.


You feel afraid to do the switch and start a career in IT and that there is a…

You need a Map, a Compass and a Guide

Dependency Graph of XlSheets Side Project with max-depth=2

It’s your first day at a new job. You have finally made it and applied all the tips to land it. You have got your new laptop, attended orientation sessions, met your new team, and enjoyed your first coffee!

Then BAAM!!

You have just been assigned to edit code in a humongous codebase with hundreds of thousands of lines, many folders and files, and short documentation of how this repository is structured.

Nothing compared at all to what you have seen in tutorials and bootcamps!

You want to start coding and prove that you are a capable developer who could…

What every web developer should never ever miss

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These are some of the very famous attacks that could happen to any website. We will cover a summary of these attacks and how you can protect against them.


Man-In-The-Middle. It happens when an attacker is between the client and the server and listening to all their communications.

Famously happens when the client has malicious software like cracks and trojan code or downloads an unknown application sent via Whatsapp or Email.

These attacks can steal sensitive information or alter the request data.

To protect against it:

  • Always use requests with TLS to encrypt the data and you can generate these…

The silver bullet for saving costs on code development

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Any startup building a web application desires three things: agility, speed, and cost-efficiency. But many struggle to build an MVP that delivers these promises.

It is hard to implement an urgent feature or takes a too long time or expensive to hire a team to build something with a high probability of failure.

The essence of this problem is that they are not taking advantage of ready-made solutions which with few adjustments can deliver a good-enough MVP to the market and test it much faster without spending tens of thousands of dollars. They should stand on the shoulders of giants.

P.S.: It is a cycle, not steps

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People usually think that web applications should be developed in a waterfall manner with defined steps then deliver to the users or project owner and they are done.

If you are building a simple website like a portfolio page, a blog, or a company website; that would be okay. But for web applications, it is a different story.

It should rather be in the form of incremental development, adaptation and always adjusting to the market. It is not a sequence of steps but rather a cycle.

The following cycle should be repeated over and over. A project never ends until…

Special Edition for Students, Fresh Graduates, and Career Shifters

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A piece of paper that acts as a ticket for you to companies to interview and hire you as a Web developer. Yet many applicants do a horrible job writing a good CV to win them this interview.

I will show you here what you need to take care of while you write your CV. I have interviewed and looked over 100+ CVs for applicants, friends, and coaching.

📄 One Page

I used to have a three-page CV and I was somewhat egoistic about it and I thought I knew a lot of things and companies should hire me but yet I failed…

Improve development team collaboration

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To review someone else’s code will be more than half of your job as a software engineer. Yet this topic is not well covered with good resources to know how to do a good code review.

Guide for the public and aspiring developers

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The purpose behind this guide is to give some clarity to anyone who wants to start the journey of web development and at the same time does not understand all the tech buzzwords.

Most probably you have a friend or a co-worker who is a web developer or you have wondered how you can one day build this virtual stuff called websites.

So how you can become one of the coolest jobs in the world today. With thousands of vacancies, high paying jobs, and companies fighting over talented developers.

Drinking coffee, in their hoodies and putting on headphones listening to…

Abdu Tawfik

Web Application Developer. Knowledge hungry always learning. Aspiring to become a Web Unicorn. Find me @abduvik on social platforms.

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