Building SaaS Web Applications using WordPress for Startups

The silver bullet for saving costs on code development

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Standing on the shoulders of giants

And what is a bigger giant in the web world than WordPress which has over 40% of the market share of the web.

WordPress for SaaS

WordPress is a Content Management System or CMS. This content doesn’t have to be only blog posts but rather it can be restaurants, drivers, freelancers, jobs, games, products, rings, tickets, friends, applicants, resumes, shirts, stocks, emails, quizzes, lessons, videos,… the list never ends.


Here is my formula that you can leverage to build a web application using WordPress:

  1. Search for existing and solid WordPress plugins
  2. Define different content as custom post types and post meta data
  3. Build the UI as a custom WordPress theme
  4. Develop a custom plugin that would link different plugins and deliver the core business idea of the application.

Use Cases

Below are some web applications that I personally have built using WordPress, its plugins system, and my custom code.

Use-Case #1: SMS Surveys

Use Case#1: Survery54
  • Surveys as a custom post type
  • Core code: developing survey builder, survey forms, and dashboard UI.

User case #2: Tournaments Gaming Platform

Use Case#2: SLG
  • WooCommerce to do all the selling and buying for in-game prizes.
  • BuddyPress for social media network among different players.
  • myCred to track points and prizes.

Use Case #3: Homecook Food Ordering

Use Case#3: Wjabat
  • WooCommerce to track orders for each restaurant
  • WCMF for multivendor functionality and profit distribution among cooks
  • Polylang to support multilingual with both LTR and RTL

Use Case#4: Multilingual Multicurrency E-Commerce

Use Case#4: BRIX-Silver
  • WPML for managing multi-lingual
  • Elementor for customizes pages with a drag-and-drop editor
  • Yoast SEO to improve website ranking and visibility on search engines

When NOT to use WordPress

Honestly, I can’t think of a case where WordPress won’t fit. Though there were few cases where WordPress wasn’t a good option.

Web Application Developer. Knowledge hungry always learning. Aspiring to become a Web Unicorn. Find me @abduvik on social platforms.

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