How I Survived Burnout

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The Triangle of Life

In life, there is a tringle of human needs that balances our life and desire to continue which consists of 3 edges: Sleep, Diet, and Sport.

  • Which leads to not having time to do sports
  • Not doing sports leads to lower energy and food cravings
  • Food cravings lead to inconsistent sleep
  • Inconsistent sleep leads to less focus on work
  • Not focusing on work leads to a piling of work
  • Repeat the cycle of suffering…

Start with Diet

But you might ask, why start with diet?!

Next Fix Sleep

When you give your body better food, you will balance the chemicals in your body and brain which will help you sleep better.

Sport Booster

After we have fixed sleep and diet, now it’s time to boost our energy.

Final Thoughts

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Abdu Tawfik

Abdu Tawfik


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