How to Find the Exact Line of an Infinite Loop Bug in the code

Let’s catch them all!!

Abdu Taviq
3 min readJul 7, 2022
Infinite Loop

Example Project Used


  • Find the cause of the infinite loop in the UI (ex: a button click)
  • Open the Performance Tab in the DevTools
  • Click record
Performance Tab is recording
  • Fire the event that is causing the infinite loop
  • Now click stop recording

But now you will notice that Chrome freezes, and here is the trick

Performance Tab freezes
  • You will open Task Manager (Windows) or Activity Monitor (MacOS) or System Monitor (Linux).
  • Find the Chrome process with the highest CPU Usage and kill it
Killing the highest Chrome process
  • Now refresh the page again and you can see the Performance chart
Performance tab is back working

From here we need to find the infinite loop patterns and there are two types of them:

  • Synchronous Infinite Loops
  • Asynchronous Infinite Loops

Synchronous Infinite Loops

They look like a long process that takes forever. All you have to do is to find this process and click on it. In the Summary Tab, you can find the location of this method in the file.

Sync Infinite Loop is located

Asynchronous Infinite Loops

This looks more like infinite inverted pyramids. You will see the call stack is always repeated and the repetition never stops.

You now need to find the connection between the top of a pyramid and the base of the following one and this will direct you to where the infinite loop is happening.

Inverted Pyramids in the Infinite Loop
Connection between two async functions is found

It’s a bit tricky to find and you might spend some time to know why it’s happening but the good thing is you know in what region it is happening in the code.


Hope you enjoyed this article and it has added value to you!

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