Switch Career to Software Engineer: Fears, Concerns, and Opportunities

Including How to Find your First IT Job

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Concerns and Fears

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The greatest fear that lags some to do the switch is the fear of failure and if this would be the right path for me. The fear of the future and that it might turn out to be a dead-end too.


People fear that they can’t make the jump because of the financial part as they currently have a stable job and can’t start a web development course and quit their job. They might even have a family to support or student loans or mortgage


Some fear that being over 30 might make it hard to transition to become a software developer because many developers are 20-something and this is absolute bullsh*t

Old Career

Some would feel a pity that they would throw away their old career in the garbage and that all these past years have been for nothing.


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Just Start Learning Now

There are hundreds of content on how to start web development and what is the right path. Just keep in mind that you don’t have to learn everything, no one does, but rather learn what is enough to get you hired.

  • You have a passion to learn and excitement to build things
  • You have a mindset to solve problems

Side Projects

I understand that you are still a beginner and you have no “past experience” but that is similar to juniors who apply to get their first job.


Tech resumes are different from other jobs as they tend to only be one page and compact with information

Social Networks Presence

Never do your learning journey in secret! You can join LinkedIn or Twitter tech communities and start posting about your journey and what you have learned and built.

Apply on Job boards

Every tech company that wants to hire developers will post their open positions on LinkedIn. Therefore, you should create a good LinkedIn to show your expertise. I will create content in the future on what you need to take care of for your LinkedIn profile.

Web Application Developer. Knowledge hungry always learning. Aspiring to become a Web Unicorn. Find me @abduvik on social platforms.

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